Achilles Tendonitis

Dr. Anthony DeMaria - Greater Cincinnati and Northern, KY Podiatrist

If you notice pain in the back of your ankle or the back of your heel, this may be a sign of Achilles tendonitis.  There are several variations of this condition, but all share a similar background.  Your Achilles tendon is a very large muscle that begins as your “calf muscle” and as it courses down the back of your leg, it becomes a very large and thick tendon (Achilles tendon) that attaches to the back of your heel.  The job of the tendon is to help pull you heel up and force your foot downward, helping to propel your body forward as you walk.

If you develop swelling and / or pain to the tendon or back of the heel, especially after a long walk or vigorous exercise, then this condition may be present.  It is important that you not dismiss this condition or assume that it will just “go away” with time, or “ignore the pain”.

Most doctors will tell you early detection and treatment of health problems are the key to success in management of the condition; however, this condition, can be very difficult to treat; and the longer treatment is put off, the worse becomes, resulting in the need for more aggressive and restricting management that could have otherwise been avoided. This is primarily due to the anatomy of the tendon, which is notoriously poor in blood flow, resulting in poor healing potential.

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Achilles Tendonitis Treatment