Ingrown Toenails (Onychocryptosis)

Dr. Anthony DeMaria - Greater Cincinnati and Northern, KY Podiatrist

Also known as “Onychocryptosis”, the ingrown toenail is another common painful problem that millions of patients suffer from.  What causes this problem ?  Well, when you think of genetics, you usually think about what mom or dad looked like compared to yourself.  You may think of color of their eyes, or their hair color, their height, or perhaps the type of nose they had.  When you think of an ingrown toenail, you seldom think of genetics, but feet – and toenails (in particular) are just as genetic as everything else. If mom or dad had the problem, then there is a good chance at some point you may develop the problem as well. 

The condition involves an inward curving of the ends of the toenail downward, into the adjacent flesh of the toe, resulting in increased pressure and pain. This can lead to swelling, redness, and possible infection (also known as “paronychia”) to the border of the toenail. It’s very common for this condition to gradually worsen as we get older.   It’s hard to believe that level of pain can develop from such a small area !

Treatment options can vary, from Epsom salt soaks, topical disinfectants, antibacterial ointments / creams, anti-inflammatories, different shoe types; however, many times this problem will persist despite the patient’s best attempt at conservative care, and therefore will require some form of medical attention.

Many times, if the problem is a recurring one that fails conservative care, surgical intervention may need to be considered to alleviate the condition.  There a several options your doctor can offer, and each have their pros and cons to take into account when considering what option is best for you.  Please give Ability Foot and Ankle a call at (859) 746-3668 to discuss what options are available to address this condition

Ingrown Toenail treatment in Cincinnati and Northern KY