Athlete’s Foot Infection, aka “Tinea Pedis”

Dr. Anthony DeMaria Treats Athlete's Foot Infections in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Areas.

While Athlete’s foot is a common term for a skin fungus to your feet, you don’t have to be an athlete to get this ! We see so many commercials and advertisements on agents that are used to treat this condition, which tells us two things: 1) Humans are very prone to getting this, and 2) not all treatments are effective. (If one treatment was effective, we’d all be using it.)

Fungal infections to the feet are NOT (I repeat NOT) necessary a result of bad hygiene, so please don’t feel ashamed of this condition! Even people with good hygiene often get this condition.

Believe it or not, genetics play a role in this as well. Our immune systems are genetically determined, and more than half of the patient population simply does not have an immune system capable of fending off fungal pathogens, resulting in a fungal skin infection.

NOT SO “FUN FACT”: If Athlete’s foot spreads to the toenails, it’s known as a toenail fungus, or “onychomycosis”. It’s the same fungus, but infects the toenail instead of the skin on your foot.

They favor environments that are dark, moist, and warm (the inside of your shoe is the perfect environment). While you can often contract them in areas that are shared by individuals that walk barefoot (ie. Locker rooms, bathrooms, etc.) you must realize that fungus is a part of our natural environment, and there may not be an identifiable location that you contracted the condition from.

It usually first appears as an itchy rash between the toes or along the sides of the foot. Unfortunately, this can progress and worsen, resulting in blister formation, peeling of skin, and draining discharge to the areas involved. The big concern is again, those individuals who are prone to infections, such as diabetics or those having to take medications that reduce their immune response. The fungus can disrupt the skin, and the condition can worsen as can be a miserable condition and treatment should be sought immediately.

If you find yourself dealing with such symptoms, call us today at (859) 746-3668 to discuss effective treatment options. Early intervention will reduce the consequences of the condition, and can potentially reduce the risk of exposing others to this same miserable condition.

Athlete's Foot Infections